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Mastering Photoshop Masks: Professional Strength Image Editing Techniques f…

Do you know the secret behind many of the stunning photographs you see circulating on the internet?
Why is it these photographers can achieve such outstanding results?

The secret is Photoshop Masks.

Something else they don’t share is that masks aren’t difficult or time consuming to work with. Imagine how your photography would improve if you knew how to create Photoshop masks in literally seconds? It’s like most things in life, once you know the right techniques, creating adjusting…

Mastering Photoshop Masks

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Nik Software Tools Bundle

ISBN 10 : 9781118376096
ISBN 13 : 1118376099

This e-book set includes two winning guides on Nik Software tools Designed to save time in the digital workflow, Nik Software?s entire suite of products (Dfine 2.0, Color Efex Pro ..

Les 7 Habitudes Des Ados

ISBN 10 : 1633534588
ISBN 13 : 9781633534582

7 Habits Teens English edition sold 230,949 copies. This is the never before released, dramatically improved quality and includes new original material today s digital-native teen...

Photoshop Cs4

ISBN 10 : 9782744092848
ISBN 13 : 2744092843

Percez les plus incroyables secrets de Photoshop et levez le voile sur des effets époustouflants...

Les Enfers Virtuels

ISBN 10 : 9782221129647
ISBN 13 : 2221129644

Une esclave en quête de vengeance, un voyage à travers la galaxie, la description d'inimaginables supplices, une guerre dans le monde virtuel... Banks noue tous les fils de son i..

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