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Zombi You My Love

ISBN 10 : 0964434822
ISBN 13 : 9780964434820

Opposing threads weave together in this rich collection of short stories by William Orem: Vodou and Catholicism, missionary zeal and Vodou beliefs, faith and the misuse of faith, t..


ISBN 10 : 1901042030
ISBN 13 : 9781901042030


Zombies Vampires Coloring Book

ISBN 10 : 1536824534
ISBN 13 : 9781536824537

Zombies & Vampires Coloring Book: For all Zombie and Vampire fans Zombie Apocalypse and Vampires Coloring Pages from Zombi World is one of the best 49 pages with 44 images coloring..

La Maitre Zombi

ISBN 10 : 9781411679917
ISBN 13 : 1411679911

When a witch hunt in late 18 century New Orleans goes wrong, the daughter of an accused witch swears revenge on New Orleans and the Catholic church...

Zombi Groza 1

ISBN 10 : 9781617241642
ISBN 13 : 1617241644

Asylum Press przedstawia zbi¨®r ?wie?ych, cuchn?cych zgnilizn? opowie?ci o ?ywych trupach. Na ?amach tej antologii sw¨®j talent zaprezentowa?a mi?dzynarodowa grupa artyst¨®w...

After Colonialism

ISBN 10 : 1400821444
ISBN 13 : 9781400821440

After Colonialism offers a fresh look at the history of colonialism and the changes in knowledge, disciplines, and identities produced by the imperial experience. Ranging across di..

Drama For A New South Africa

ISBN 10 : 0253335701
ISBN 13 : 9780253335708

The urgency of the anti-apartheid struggle created a vibrant protest theatre in South Africa. But the single-mindedness of that theatre obscured much of the diversity of South Afri..