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Beginner’s Photography Guide (Dk)

If you’re new to photography, then the Beginner’s Photography Guide is perfect for you. With the ideal starting point for digital camera users, this manual explains key concepts in simple terms before offering step-by-step visual guides to every function. The Beginner’s Photography Guide compares and contrasts the effect of different approaches, showing you how to take the photos you want and develop your photography ability. You can learn how to overcome every photographer’s challenge, from…

Beginner S French

ISBN 10 : 0781808634
ISBN 13 : 9780781808637

Each lesson includes a lively dialogue that focuses on a situation of interest to the visitor, such as dining in a restaurant or sight-seeing. Historical and cultural background, a..

A Beginner S Guide To Bemba

ISBN 10 : 9789982997225
ISBN 13 : 998299722X

The Bemba language is a Bantu language that is spoken primarily in Zambia by the Bemba people and about 18 related ethnic groups. It is the second-most spoken lanuage in Zambia, af..

Beginner S French

ISBN 10 : 0844237671
ISBN 13 : 9780844237671

Presents English speakers with an introduction to French, including basic grammar, dialogues, and cultural notes...


ISBN 10 : 9781291450262
ISBN 13 : 1291450262

Encore une methode me direz vous ! Simple de presentation aboutissement de plusieurs mois de reflexions . Pour initiation 7 et 8 ans..

A Beginner S Guide To God

ISBN 10 : 9781475948479
ISBN 13 : 1475948476

When it comes to religion, people often have more questions than answers. InA Beginner's Guide to God, author Eric Neal hopes to eliminate some confusion surrounding religion and p..

A Beginners Guide To Tajiki

ISBN 10 : 9781134375240
ISBN 13 : 1134375247

This is a conversational approach to the teaching and learning of the Tajiki language. It uses authentic language material to help learners as they proceed through its topic-based ..

A Beginner S Guide To Hellenismos

ISBN 10 : 9781430324560
ISBN 13 : 1430324562

A Beginners Guide to Hellenismos provides an overview of Hellenic Polytheistic Reconstructionism. Hellenismos is an emerging religious movement attempting to reconstruct the ancien..

Audio Engineering 101

ISBN 10 : 9780240819150
ISBN 13 : 0240819152

Discusses basic techniques to producing music in a studio setting...

The Beginner S Guide For The Recently Deceased

ISBN 10 : 0738704261
ISBN 13 : 9780738704265

Who isn't curious to know what life is like after we die? In this humorous yet thought-provoking glimpse into other realms, David Staume asks you to open your mind and leave your b..

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